Sandbag Bunker with 3 ASC7-TW

No one sneaks up from behind anymore. They would rather take their chances attacking from the front.

These sandbags are filled with foam packing peanuts for easy set up and removal. They definitely stop the BB's. The only drawback with using foam peanuts as the filler is that they are lightweight and unstable when used to make a wall.


1. VIDEO 419KB: Firing two claymores loaded with bbs and baby powder using the wireless remote. If you look closely you can see the bb's hitting the glass we put in front of the camera.

2. VIDEO 1.20MB: Firing 1 ASC7-CD and M4 using 1 wireless remote. You can hear the M4 hitting the blue cart in front of it.

Diagram on how the ASC7 could be set up with the trip wire so that it fires even when approached from directly in front of it. (The owner must supply own pulleys and tripwire.) Dimensions in the diagram are from the setup used in the videos.

These next two videos are meant to show how the above trip wire setup works. Because of the angle of the shot they don't show all of the BB's. Also keep in mind that there is only around 50 BB's used in each shot.

3. VIDEO: Triggering the tripwire when walking towards the claymore.

4. VIDEO: Triggering the tripwire when walking from the side in front of the claymore.

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