Tripwire / Wired / Wireless Remote / Laser Tripwire

Spring Powered ASC7-CD

Supercell Development Inc. is no longer manufacturing the Airsoft Claymore. We have shifted our focus to providing game elements for local airsoft fields like The Rock Airsoft in Boliver MO.

Laser Activation Device

Smoke used to make laser visible.

The Laser Activation Device device is also a wireless remote. So if your target doesn't hit the laser you can still fire the ASC7 Claymore using your wireless remote.


Supercell Development, Inc. Satisfaction Guarantee:


The only Airsoft Claymore that is designed for
TRIPWIRE - WIRED - WIRELESS Electronic Command Detonation.

Durability: Injection Molded Plastic Casing and all metal workings.
Power Source: Spring Powered. NO gas. NO explosives.
Lightweight: Weighs 2 lbs.
Dimensions: 8 1/2" L x 2" W x 3 3/4" H - Exactly the same as a real claymore.
Set up: Can be set up in the field in less than a minute
No Extra Costs: 100% Reusable. Can use damaged, odd shaped or recycled BBs. No gas to buy.
Safety: Uses NO explosives. Consistent velocities. Tested at point blank range. Sealed Goggles Required.


Payload: Holds 200+ Airsoft 6mm BBs  --- 50-100 cover very nicely
Distance: Airsoft .2 g bbs over 40'
Spread: 30-45 degree radius

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